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The World Memory Sports Council and The Asia Pacific Memory Sports Council (APMSC) jointly decide that the 31st World Memory Championships will be organized from December 16 to 18 in 2022 by the Asia Pacific Memory Sports Council (APMSC), and Lester He has been appointed in charge of the global finals. For any questions or guidance in relation to international competitors’ registration, it’s advised to consult directly the global chief arbiter Lester He via his email address: or the APMSC via

1. Details

(1)  For registration, please click the red button below. Registration must be completed by December 10, 2022, and the final list of entries will be updated on the official website, subject to the registration list. Any competitors who do not register will not be included in the list.

(2)  Lester He, the global chief arbiter, will send the English version of the test paper to the representatives of the national councils by email. The representatives of the national councils will translate the test paper into their local language and print it out by themselves.

(3)  The competition will be held between December 16 to 18, and the specific competition schedule will be announced later.

(4)  The entry fee for the global finals of the 31st World Memory Championships in 2022 is £ 60.00.


2.  Competition requirements

(1)  All national competition venues must be equipped with two cameras to ensure that the competition can be recorded without dead ends and interruptions.

(2)  All ten disciplines must be recorded in the whole process, and the complete video must be retained.

(3)  After recording, you can upload the file to the cloud disk and send the link to:

(4)  International arbiters must keep the original test paper for review and inspection by the ethics Committee of the World Memory Sports Council and the global chief arbiter.

(5)  In order to win the title of “IMM, GMM, IGM”, competitors must sit in the first row or the second row and provide proofs, including photos and videos of them during the competitions.


3.  About ethics

Considering the particularity of the 31st World Memory Championships, participants cannot gather in one country to participate in the competition. To ensure the fairness and justice of the competition and respect the efforts of every competitor, the following ethics procedures are hereby introduced:

(1)  Mr. Dominic O’Brien serves as the head of the WMSC ethics committee. When there is any dispute over unethical behavior, WMSC ethics committee will make the final decision.

(2)  Every country needs to set up an ethics committee.

(3)  When any double challenge is raised by an international arbiter or ethics commissioner, three ethics commissioners (from different countries) will be randomly selected for ethics. The preliminary judgment will be based on the test paper, answer sheet and relevant videos. If more than half of the ethics committee believes that it is necessary to retest, the international arbiter and the competitor should cooperate in the inspection and retest according to the relevant requirements. (If they refuse to retest, the ethics committee and the global chief arbiter have the right to cancel the score of the competitor.)

(4)  The retest must be carried out under the supervision of WMSC ethics committee or the head of it. The video of the retest shall be reserved and evaluated by the ethics committee under the guidance of the head of it and the global chief arbiter. If there is disagreement, WMSC ethics committee will make the final decision.


Under such global epidemic environment, the World Memory Sports Council and the Asia Pacific memory sports Council are willing to work together with memory lovers and mind mapping warriors around the world to overcome difficulties and jointly protect the dreams of all brain warriors. May you fight for honor and crown your dreams!

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