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The purpose of WMSC Memory Championships Club

  • Spread the brain science, popularize the memory sports, provide more opportunities for the vast number of memory sports players.
  • Provides accreditation and rankings for memory sports players according to the normative standards established by the World Memory SportsCouncil (WMSC).
  • Recognize the art and science of memory, prove that memory is the foundation of innovation, and restore people’s faith and pleasure in memory.
  • Create a communication platform for like-minded people interested in exploring the human brain and its memory and potential.

The business scope of WMSC Memory Championships Club

LMM(Licensed Master of Memory) ” Master of Memory” (level 1-10) level certification test or competition (certified referee operation).

How to apply for WMSC Memory Championships Club

According to the World Memory Sports Council, only Licensed Arbiters of Memory are eligible to apply to run the club. However, having an application qualification is not the same as having an authorization qualification. The final authorization needs to go through layer upon layer declaration, multi-party comprehensive evaluation. In order to protect the vital interests of the vast number of memory sports fans and further establish the standard for World Memory Sports development, taking China as an example, club applicants need to go through the following procedures for strict examination from the submission of application to the authorization:

  • Provide the contact information (including email address) of the applicant to Chief Arbiter of China – He Lei, Lester (Level 4), and obtain the club operation application form to fill in and submit.
  • China Committee will review the applicant’s materials to confirm whether they are qualified and complete; At the same time, the applicant’s personal ability, team ability, social reputation and local market conditions were investigated and evaluated.
  • The list of qualified candidates and their information will be submitted by the China Committee to the Asia Pacific Memory Sports Council. APMSC will make a preliminary assessment of whether and when to authorize the applicant based on the survey opinions of the China Committee and the development plan of apAC based on multiple factors.
  • The list of eligible candidates assessed by the APMSC and their information will continue to be submitted to the WMSC. Based on the assessment opinions of the APMSC, the WMSC makes a comprehensive judgment on the global distribution density and development timing of the club, and finally decides whether and when to authorize the applicant.
  • After the final confirmation of the WMSC, the clubs will get the certification number, and the APMSC issued and sent the authorization certificate, and the corporate information of the clubs will be simultaneously published in the global official website and regional official website for maintenance.
  • The authorized club will also receive the business guidance manual and relevant materials sent by the Asia Pacific Council, and can carry out relevant business work in its authorized region under the guidance and norms of the APMSC.
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