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The “30th World Memory Championships Qualifying Round for Hong Kong

The “30th World Memory Championships Qualifying Round for Hong Kong” as well as the “Hong Kong Memory Championships” (HKMC) has been held successfully on 18 – 19 September 2021. In spite of the severe pandemic throughout the world, it would not hinder the Hong Kong memory athletes to compete!


The 10-discipline competition was run in a 2-day basis under the “World Memory Sports Council – National Standard” as follows:

  • 5 mins Random Words
  • 5 mins Binary Numbers
  • 5 mins Names & Faces
  • 15 mins Random Numbers
  • 5 mins Speed Numbers
  • 5 mins Historic & Future Dates
  • 10 mins Playing Cards
  • 15 mins Abstract Images
  • 100 sec & 300 sec Spoken Numbers
  • 5 mins Speed Cards (2 trials)


In addition, the age group was divided into 3 segments:

  • Kids (12 years old or below)
  • Juniors (13 – 17 years old)
  • Adults (18 – 59 years old)


To advocate people learning memory at their younger stage, HKMC was promoted to various schools at the beginning of 2021, and it attracted more than 10 schools’ attention and sent their students to participate. Hence, we finally got 97% of competitors are school students whilst 26% of them are kids and 74% are juniors respectively. Also, it is the most encouraging that 98.7% of the competitors are their first-time to compete in such a legendary memory championship.


As a result, the Overall Champion was surprisingly the Junior athlete, “Mak Po Ying”, who aged 13, and the first-time competitor. “Fong Kam Kei”, the International Master of Memory (IMM), has achieved the 2nd Place in Overall Division and the Junior athlete “Lau Man Ching” has got the 3rd Place. Meanwhile, one of the Junior athletes, “Chan Chun Yin”, broke the Hong Kong best record in “Names & Faces” Discipline.


Although there is room for improvement in the result, the young athletes this year has made a big progress in the development of memory games in Hong Kong, which enabled all athletes were come from Hong Kong. We look forward to seeing more and more competitors from the city by extensively promoting our wonderful memory events to schools.

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