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The 2nd Asian Memory Championships in Hangzhou,Oct. 2021


Grand Opening Ceremony Of the 2nd Asia Memory Games



On 29th October, the opening ceremony of “2021 the 2nd Asia Memory Games” was held in Song city, Hangzhou China.



The 2nd Asian Memory Games was held between 29-31 October, 2021. About 200 mental athletes competed over 10 disciplines. Titles of “Asia Pacific Memory Master” were awarded to the eligible competitor.



2021 the 2nd Asia Memory Games was held by Hangzhou Memory Sports Council, Hangzhou Mental Sports Academy, Jindi Cultural Exchange Center of Shandong University, under the supervision of Hangzhou Branch of China Qiyuan, authorized by the Asia Pacific Memory Sports Council.


2021第二届亚洲记忆运动会(1st Asian Memory Games)是亚太记忆运动理事会所授权的一项亚洲区国际记忆竞技高等级赛事,以世界记忆锦标赛®10个标准项目为比赛内容,全面而精炼地展示选手脑力素质,代表了当今亚洲区领先水平,是普及脑力运动大健康教育的先进方式和科学载体。

2021 the 2nd Asia Memory Games is one of the highest level international memory competition in Asia Pacific authorized by the Asia Pacific Memory Sports Council. Athletes compete over 10 standard disciplines just like in World Memory Championships, demonstrates the highest level of performance and athletes’ mental capabilities in Asia Pacific, which is an important step for Mind Sports to go to the public view.


With the oldest of 82 years old and the youngest of 6 years old participating in the competition.



Memory is a great sport. Once again, congratulations and best wishes to all the officials, arbiters, parents and every mental warriors. We believe that the competition will be an important chapter in memory sports history!

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