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Mental warriors gathered for 2021 the 30th World Memory Championships – China city trials


Mental warriors gathered for 2021 the 30th World Memory Championships – China city trials

The 30th World Memory Championships China city trials were held between 23-24 October, 2021 in different cities synchronously. This is a memory journey spanning over three months, a long-pent memory contest that 365 days of hard training, and the seeds of memory are waiting to burst out with amazing power. For the dream of the world memory master and to win the throne of the world champion, memory lovers all over the country bravely climb the peak and constantly challenge the memory limit!




On the first day of the competition, a total of eight disciplines were competed, including names and faces, binary numbers, random numbers, abstract images, speed numbers, historical dates, random cards and random words. The next morning, the last two disciplines: Spoken numbers and speed cards were held. The closing ceremony and award presentation was held in the afternoon.



The International Grandmaster of Memory, global champion of the 27th World Memory championship in 2018 and multiple Guinness world record holder, Wei Qinru, has also participated in the city trial!




This year, Wei Qinru returned to the world memory championship and competed in Nanning City trial, broke 7 Chinese records on the very first day! On the first day of this year’s city trial, eight events were held, including names and faces, binary numbers, random words and abstract images. Wei Qinru broke seven Chinese records on the first day of the competition. Although the results of the city trials would not be listed on the official website, and the records broken will not be certified, her performance was extraordinary. Wei Qinru’s record in the city trial is glory! Her competitive spirit of taking every game seriously is worth learning.

在本次比赛上共有两项记录被打破:其中,徐扬然以883分 的成绩打破15分钟抽象图形世界纪录,韦沁如以2064分的成绩打破30分钟随机数字世界纪录

Two world records have been broken in the competition. Xu Yangran broke the 15-minute world record for Abstract Images with 883 points, while Wei Qinru broke the 30-minute world record for Random Numbers with 2064 points.


WMSC Global Chief Arbiter, Lester He states that atheletes must pass the national selection in order to compete in the China national finals to be held in Nanjing City, Guangxi in November.



In 2021, under the guidance of Asia Pacific Memory Sports Council, under the leadership of Mr. He Lei, the world’s chief arbiter, a total of more than 1000 athletes came to the fore and competed in city trials this year.



Mr. He Lei said that this year is the 30th year of world memory championship. In the 30th year of its establishment, it stands at 30 and breaks at 30. In order to improve the overall level of the Chinese team and enhance the international competitiveness of the Chinese team, the competition organizing committee has established a professional coach team and newly established a “city team” system this year. All competitors participating in the Chinese finals will participate as members of each “city team”.

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