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Final Results of the 32nd World Memory Championships

Earlier on December 8th- 10th 2023, the Global Final for the 32nd World Memory Championships (WMC) were successfully held, with a lot of contestants from different countries and areas, including China, Mongolia, Germany, United States, India, Philippines and Indonesia.

Finally, Huang Jinyao from China won the champion by achieving 7361 points. Oyun-Erdene TSENGELBAYAR and Tenuun TAMIR, both from Mongolia won the second and third place by achieving 6227 points and 5996 points respectively.

Janet Valencia Dema Rante from Indonesia broke the world record in Names&Faces by 194 points.


Raymond Keene OBE

Global President of World Memory Sports Council

David Zhang

President  of Asia Pacific Memory Sports Council

President of GOMSA

Prince Marek

Global Chief Arbiter of  32nd World Memory Championships


David Zhang was appointed by WMSC as the president of GOMSA.

Gunther Karsten won the champion for the senior group.





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