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Update on the World Online Memory Championship Global Finals 2021

As the epidemic of COVID-19 is still raging worldwide, athletes from different nations cannot travel to other countries, which means that we are unable to gather all the memory athletes together to compete in the same country in 2021. Therefore, we have made an important decision which is that we will follow the same approach as we had last year, i.e. to hold the 2nd World Online Memory Championship.

This year, for the second time we will hold The WMSC World Online Memory Championships. Competitors will compete in their own countries, under local arbiters’ supervision, and the results will be calculated by our Chief Arbiter Lester He.

As a result of the special format we will have this year, there will be some changes in disciplines, rules and scoring compared to the traditional championship. The online championship will be treated as a separate league so any world record broken in this championship will not be seen as a new world record in World Memory Championships, but only to be taken as a record created in this one competition.

We will issue specific implementation plans to all participating nations and regions in October.

If your country or area has a local WMSC council, you will need to contact the local council to sign up for the 2021 World Online Memory Championships. Competitors signing up via local council must also fill in an application form.

The chairman of the local WMSC council will need to decide whether to hold 2021 World Online Memory Championship locally and submit a form to confirm national participation.

If your country or area does not have a local WMSC council or the local council decides not to hold the championships, you can then sign up individually.

  1. Fill in the application form. (All competitors including both competitors applying via local council and applying individuallly) must submit the application form)
  2. Send your information by e-mail to the Global Chief Arbiter, Lester He (E-mail
  3. Global Chief Arbiter will assign an online arbiter for you.
  4. You need to prepare a camera which can record videos to ensure  the online arbiter can see your whole performance with no blind spots during the competition.
  5. Arbiters could also hold the competition online. Competitors need to prepare a computer with video conference equipment, and arbiters will present the memorization test papers through online software.
  1. The online arbitration committee will ensure the fairness and notarization of the competition through various supervision means such as live video, recording and photos.

The Second Online World Memory Championships will adopt a combination of online and offline methods.

WMSC member countries or territories will be held through offline organizations.

Each country is able to see each other’s competition through video cameras, all competitions from the corresponding country or area would be monitored under International arbitrators from different countries, and all results would be collected by the Global Chief Arbiter, Lester He.

After collecting the results from each country, the Global Chief Arbiter, Lester He will put forward the final world ranking, and the President of WMSC, Mr. Raymond Keene OBE will announce the final results.

Competition Schedule


Date Time Projects

December 17 th 9: 00 London time Opening ceremony

December 18th Competition (Grouped by Time Zone)

December 19th

December 20th

December 28th Summarizing results

December 29th 9: 00 London time Announcing results and Closing ceremony


Day 1 Discipline Memo Recall Time

9:15-10:30 1.Abstract Images 15 mins 30 mins

10:45-12:30 2.Binary Numbers 30 mins 60 mins

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-17:15 3.Random Numbers(1Hr) 60 mins 120 mins


Day 2

9:15-9:20 4.Names and Faces 15 mins 30 mins

10:35-11:00 5.(a)Speed Numbers 1 15 mins 15 mins

11:10-11:40 6.Historic/Future Dates 15 mins 15 mins

11:40-12:00 Break

12:00-12:30 5.(b)Speed Numbers 2 5 mins 15 mins

12:30-14:00 Lunch

(cards to be laid out)

14:00-17:30 7.Random Cards(1Hr) 60 mins 120 mins


Day 3

9:15-10:15 8.Random Words 15 mins 30 mins

10:45-13:00 9.Spoken Numbers

(3trail:200/300/world record+20%) 200-450+seconds 10,15,25mins

13:00-14:15 Lunch

14:15-15:30 10.Speed Cards

(Two Trails may be in 2 rounds) 5 mins 5 mins



Online Live Broadcasting plan

Live broadcasting plan: we may use Chinese app: Ding Talk. We have already tested it in a number of countries and regions and it worked well. We can arrange a testing session for all countries and regions on November 6th.


Ding Talk Software Guidance:

Download the Ding Talk software on your phone or computer via

After installation, enter the home page and click on the upper left corner to complete information settings, (Fill in your name and your country) and conduct personal real-name authentication.

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