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Report on the 1st Asia Pacific student memory championship – Final results

Asia pacific student memory championship was held in Haikou on 22nd November 2020. Over 210 students participated in the competition.

Student memory championship adds some new disciplines in the competition for the first time, including memorizing hieroglyphs, ancient poems, national flags and English words.

We can see children under 6, primary school students,high school students, college students and seniors compete together.

Competitors from the Kids group performing memorizing six hundred digits of pi, with the youngest who is only 3 years old.

Congratulations to the competitors for overcoming yourselves and doing your best. We are all winners!

全场总冠亚季Overall results

全场总冠军Gold Medal: Zhou Shidong周世懂

全场总亚军 Silver Medal: Bian Shihao卞世豪

全场总季军Bronze Medal:   He Yulong贺郁龙

Student memory championship records:

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